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The "Admin Boss" is the main character in Minecraft season two story mode. Admin Boss character was made from prismarine blocks. This character is huge (So huge) and can kill you with single hit. The most dangerous creature that is hard to kill.

By using this add-on you will find him spawning in savannah and extreme hills biomes (since he replaces llamas). He’s considered the strongest and most powerful boss in Minecraft so make sure you’re well prepared before fighting him!


Does Admin Boss is a Friend ?

Don't mistake this huge giant as a friend. He's  nothing but evil. He has more health than any other boss in Minecraft. Almost one shot is enough for any target. You can find him spawning in extreme hills and savannah biomes. Make sure to bring lots of potions, gear and weapons before ever trying to fight him.

Admin Boss

  • Health: 1000 hearts
  • Attack damage: 125
  • Attacks villagers, snow golems, iron golems and players
  • No loot currently

admin-boss admin-boss-with-white-thing admin-boss-with-tnt admin-boss-on-fire boss-on-fire

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