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Aptiode is a free application market to download android application for free of charge. At launch of the application in the home page you can see all popular applications selected by editors. Users can search for specific application using the search bar. Select the version of the application you need, then download and enjoy.

Aptoide store is the best alternative to Google Play Store because of it’s uniqueness. Does not require any registration to download applications from aptoide. Contain tons of apps and games completey free of charge.

Application updates Support instance application updates within seconds. If any application or game update contain unwanted feature update or you still want previous version, you can rollback to older version using “rollback” option.

Aptoide is more than a application store. Because it contain stores of stores. Any user can create store of their own and stores can be filtered using given categories in order to ease searching apps. You can find anything that your mobile phone needed using those stores like paid apps, best free apps not in play store, free games, paid games for free, wallpapers and many more. Download this application and experience this new kind of app store. All applications are directly downloaded from aptiode and there is no third party download services.
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Does aptoide applications are trustworthy?

Since most of the applications are submitted to aptoide or stores are maintain by other people and those applications are not filtered by aptoide developers, so here is an issue of trusting those applications. But each an every application downloaded from stores has app page and a comment section. You can go through comments of other people to know whether this application is trusted worthy.

Some contents on app pages are generic and of a poor quality. The reviews are copied from Play or written in a hurry, and it’s hard to know which programs are trustworthy. Aptoide are only going as far as placing a green label next to official apps.

Does it worth downloading?

If you want to explore great apps that are not in Google Play Store and you want paid applications for free of charge and many other needs,  instead of googling for those applications and downloading other app stores to you phone. Aptoide is the best and good choice. Because it contain tons of applications than any other third party app stores available in the market.

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