Minecraft PE- Minecraft Game Modes Full Review

Minecraft , the best selling game of the year. This game is developed by Mojang AB. With the latest update “Better Together” made this game more awesome. Because multiplayer support is more extended. This game is not available only for Android. This game available for all most all platforms like Windows, Windows phone, Rasbery Pi, IOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox and many more. So you can multiply without considering platform.

This game consist of various game modes. I will describe them one by one. So you can understand what each game mode does.

Minecraft: Game modes

  1. Survival
  2. Creative
  3. Hardcore
  4. Adventure
  5. Spectator
  6. Demo

Survival Mode

In this game mode players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the world in an effort to survive and thrive. You may have an inventory in which you can gather items. These items may be combined using certain recipes to create tools and other items. This process is known as crafting. Most crafting recipes need a crafting table. Some items cannot be obtained by crafting normally and require a furnace for processing. Various other crafting stations exist for advanced uses, such as brewing, repairing, and enchanting.

minecraft gamemode survival

Creative Mode

Creative mode strips away the survival aspects of Minecraft and allows players to easily create and destroy structures and mechanisms. It also changes the background music. You are given an infinite number of blocks to build with, with no health or hunger bar to hamper their building. Creative mode allows players to destroy all blocks instantly including normally indestructible blocks such as bedrock and end portal frames.

minecraft gamemode creative

Hardcore Mode

In this mode world is locked to Hard difficulty and the player has only one life. In hardcore mode you are not given the option to respawn upon death as they would in other game modes. Instead, there are two buttons on the death screen: “Spectate world” and “Delete world“. “Spectate world” sets the player to Spectator mode and respawns the player at the world’s spawn point. In addition, Hardcore mode worlds will be locked to hard difficulty.

minecraft gamemode hardcore

Adventure Mode

This game mode is intended for player created maps, limiting some of the gameplay in Minecraft. In this mode, you cannot directly destroy any blocks with any tools or place any blocks, in order to avoid spoiling adventure maps or griefing servers. You are only allowed to craft items, and interact with mobs, item frames, and paintings.

Command blocks are intended for use in adventure mode gameplay. A player can switch to Adventure mode from any other game mode by using the commands /gamemode adventure, /gamemode a, or /gamemode 2.

minecraft gamemode adventure

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode allows the you to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it in any way. You can enter this mode by using below methods.

using the command /gamemode spectator, /gamemode sp, /gamemode 3, or dying in Hardcore mode or using F3+N while in Creative mode.

minecraft gamemode spectator

Demo Mode

This game mode is for users who have not purchased the game yet and would like to try it out first. Demo mode allow players to try out the game before making the decision to buy Minecraft. It allows players to play on a single world for a 100 minutes (5 in-game days) period, before the map is locked and required to be reset. While the demo version does not expire, it comes with certain restrictions, as its sole purpose is to allow new players to try out Minecraft.

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