Minecraft Pocket Edition – Survival Mode

Aptoide minecraft from ru10Android for free. Minecraft PE for Android. Minecraft is a Sandbox game developed by Mojang AB. Now this game has became the best selling game of the year. This game became more and more popular among Android users due to its creativity and multiplayer option. Do you know that this game already available for all platforms like Windows, MAC, Xbox, Windows phone, Android, IOS, Fire TV, Raspberry Pi and many more. Most amazing this is that you can multi play without considering the platform that your partner is. No barriers at all.

This game has various game modes to try out. Today I will discuss about Survival mode. You can download Minecraft pe free from link below of this article.

Survival Mode

Survival mode is the second oldest and most common game mode. Some love this game mode very much. They said that “this is the true game mode of minecraft”.  In this mode you are given health and hunger and you battle mobs and keep alive and collect resources. You have access to infinite resources. You have inventory of items, an area to store your goods that consist of 27 storage slots, 4 armor slots and 9 hockey slots. You can gather items or blocks in these slots and combine them using recipes to make other items or blocks.

Aim of this mode is nearly survival. The player can reach a “proper ending” in Survival mode by defeating the ender dragon, but this does not actually terminate play; it provides a trophy item, a huge amount of experience, and leaves the End dimension open for exploration. There is also an optional boss, the wither, which becomes accessible in the mid- to late game. The player can also take up any purposes of their own design; one common goal is to fulfill all of the predefined achievements.

Lets discuss about multiplayer and single player option in survival mode. Survival single player (SSP) is the default and original game mode of minecraft.  You can play online or offline. as long as the player has played the game at least once in order to allow the game files to be downloaded to their computer.

Survival Multiplayer (SMP) allows multiple players to connect to a central Minecraft server. This enables them to interact with one another and work together (or against one another) in order to achieve their Survival goals.

Aptoide Minecraft

Minecraft is the apk version of minecraft that you can download it for free. Click below link to download aptoide minecraft

Download Minecraft PE Free