Tubemate v2.4.4 Last version of TubeMate 2

Did you miss the old Tubemate. Last version of Tubemate or Tubemate 2 is v2.4.4. After version 2.4.4 there is no update. Instead Devian studio release Tubemate 3. As all waited for 2.4.5. Unfortunately Tubemate 2 ended without 2.4.5.

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Download Tubemate 2.4.4

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Thrilling Features of TubeMate

TubeMate is the most exciting YouTube download software for Android. It comes with many great features. Even though you are using this app you may miss some features. Not all features but some major important features will be discussed here.  When you first launch the application it will default set to YouTube mobile view. You can search and play videos like YouTube website. Not only that if you like desktop version of the website you can switch to desktop version using this app. Actually there is no need of using YouTube official application to search or to view videos. TubeMate contain more feature than official app.

Tubemate Option Menu Tubemate Desktop website of YouTube

Main task of the application is to download YouTube Videos. Now it support not only YouTube but also other services like DailyMotion, YouKu, Vimeo, FaceBook, MetaCafe, LeTv, Naver, Daum and etc. Download isn't just click and download. It comes with many options. When you click download button it will popups with resolution (quality level) option to select. If you prefer high quality video you can download full HD videos or less quality if you not in free WIFI area. If you want to download audio format you can directly download mp3 version of the video.

Tubemate resolution listTubemate Supported Video websites

TubeMate comes with in-built player. When you want to listen to music from YouTube and you can't waste your internet data for video then this app is for you. You can just play only audio or download.

TubeMate Audio Player

You can maintain you own playlist. No need to have another app for that. Now TubeMate comes with it's own playlist managing feature. Once you click download button there is no need to wait till it finishes the download. You can search videos or even download more at simultaneously(multiple download at same time). Why downloading is useful. You can download films or music videos when you have free wifi and you can watch when you are free and no need of having internet connection. I mean viewing offline content. Those were some of the features that I though be interesting. Download the app today and experience them yourself.