Assassin’s Creed Identity apk – v2.8.2

Assassin creed Identity

Assassin's Creed Identity, a new way of mobile play that blew us away!. Gorgeous graphics, nice sword fights, renaissance Italy or old Italy gives you nice experience. Complete dozens of missions and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows.

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This game is available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean.


Name Assassin's Creed Identity
Version 2.8.2
Apk Size 96.93 MB
Game Data Size Approximately 2.46 GB
Requirements Android OS 4.1 and up
Provider Ubisoft Entertainment
Rating 5+

Assassin's Creed Identity gives you full Assassin's Creed experience on your mobile phone. Let's see what this game can do and it's key features.

You can customize your assassin. Select class that match your fashion. You can choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief.  But you wan't be able to unlock that without a lot of Hero Tokens.  If you have trouble in selecting best class for you I'll go through each class and exaplain their unique features. Each have unique outfit, different bonuses to different attributes and different skills.

Assassin creed identity apk

Berserkers - If you like to fight your way mostly unexpectedly be faced. Then Berserker will better suits you. Berserker gives you access to melee attacks that can stun opponents, destroy their armor, or hit multiple foes at once. Get a boost to health and strength. Carry deadly splinter bombs. Use bleeding bombs.

Tricksters - Do you like to use tricks or misdirect enemies like by tossing around fistfull of coins, or you can whistle from hidding places or donning disguises. Tricksters will best suits you. They are better for confusing enemies. They are better at evasion and Shadowblades. Comes with stealth bonuses. Tricksters can wield timed sticky bombs and a noise making, enemy-attracting Jack in the Box.

Shadowblade - If you like to keep some distance between with your enemies. you'd prefer killing by throwing knives Shadowblade is for you. Use smoke bombs.

If you still having a hard time deciding which class suits you, don't worry there is some other important things that you should know. You can always create more assassins and assign a second class to your Assassin. But the problem is doing so will keep you back. Because diversifying costs coins, and spreading your limited skill points across two different skill sets means slower progression toward higher-tier skills.

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Fights and Actions in Assassin's Creed Identity.

Fights in Assassin's Creed Identity aren’t very complicated. There is single attack button. You can pull up your skill wheel in the middle of a fight and add actions and special moves to your fight.If you fill the meter at the bottom of the screen by using enough attacks, you can tap it to execute killing strike.

PARKOUR HELPER (your helper)

You can climb buildings, leap between rooftops, jump between gaps. But how could you know that. For example does you can jump through this gap. Parkour helper is there for you. Parkour helper is turned on by default.

Bring a hireling.

You can called on other assassins once per mission to attack or stun enemies you don’t want to deal with directly.

Hero Tokens

They are secondary currency of the game. You can only earn them through gameplay. Hero coins are the only way of unlocking new locations, contract missions and Thief class (upper-tier character options). Tokens will not be awarded for introductory campaign consist of 10 missions. After that tokens will be awarded when you complete a contract mission.