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Whatsapp plus apk

Whatsapp plus or Whatapp plus holo is full featured chat application for your android phone. We all know that Whatsapp comes with great features bundle with it that you never want to miss. Whatsapp plus comes with all the features of Whatsapp with number of extra features with it.

Whatsapp plus is the best chat application I is used so far. Because I love using Whatsapp application too. Same application with extra features. sounds cools for me. What about same whatapp application with more features that actually you want. So this is the application you want.

WhatsApp Plus is not an official app for any smartphone platform. So why this application is so popular and keep increasing it's popularity?

It is because its build on whatapp with it's all features with number of extra features that people really want. Those extra features made this application so popular. Application has been tested for viruses and it safe and verified.

Download WhatsApp plus v6.30

Download WhatsApp Plus

App Name Whatsapp plus
Version 6.30
App size 36.8MB
Last Updated: 07 November , 2017
Average Monthly Downloads 22400

Features of Whatapp plus

WhatApp Plus is definitely more powerful chat app. Because WhatsApp plus team release new awesome features and keep updating the app. As you all concern about the security and privacy WhatApp plus is a great chat app for you.

You can hide app notifications. You can set password locks for chats.You can send larger files, I mean videos, music and e books any thing.  Below gives you the summarize feature list.

  • Supports calls / Video calls
  • Can apply new theme
  • Can modify or apply new ticks. contain 17 styles
  • Can modify bubbles style. contain 13 styles
  • Can change last seen value
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Preview media without loading
  • Shows status online and last seen in Main Screen
  • original app can upload videos upto 16MB. Size is extended to 30MB
  • Can send 90 images at once instead of 10
  • Can copy friends status
  • Can change app icon and notification
  • Can send full HD images without loosing quality

If you want to hide last seen does it can be done with other chat apps. With this app you can do it. Not only that, you can hide your online status when you use the app. Your friends may be surprised when you talk with them and you are offline.

Some of the features are

  • hide online status
  • hide blue ticks - You can hide blue ticks on contacts and groups when you reads the message.
  • Hide second tick - You can hide second ticks appear below messages after you deliver the message
  • Hide writing tick - Hide tick appears when you type the message.
  • Hide recording status - Hide recording icons when you recording voice.
  • Hide your status

Sharing is much more easier. As you know that you can share large video, audio, e books and photos easily. Not only files you share multiple contacts, location with ease.

There are so many untold features are there. Discover them by yourself. Many cool features and security updates are released by time to time.So get to know as soon as new stable version was released by subscribing to our website.

About Whatapp Plus

This app uses internet connection to send and recieve text chats, and media like photos, videos, documents and etc. In year 2016 most successful chat application was the Whatsapp due to its awesome features and security. Whatsapp plus based on original app and giving you more features. Whatsapp plus is a mod app of Whatsapp. In other words this application based on original app developed by facebook. So need to worry about security or new features released by Whatsapp. They will also comes with whatsapp application. Only difference is it has more abilities that original one.