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Towelroot apk or towel root is a small lightweight android rooting tool that allows you to root your device in few seconds. Just install the tool and press button to root. Done. No need of a computer or even not needed to restart your phone.

Rooting your android phone may be a dream for those who have little knowledge on android rooting. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you are doing let towel root to handle all the hard part. No need of computer. Download towelroot from below link. Does it need need to follow guidelines to root my device? . Not at all. Just only to click a button. Towelroot will do rest for us. Free and easy to use. Remember do not pay to buy this software.

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History of TowelRoot APK

Towelroot APK V1 is the first version of this application, was released in early 2015. Since first version doesn’t support many devices and unsupported devices were compormized when rooting, another version was released Towelroot V2. It also contain many bugs and it also support few devices. After along silence of time Towelroot V3 was released which support many devices and allowed the users to input Modstrings to root the devices that are not compatible. Method of rotting with Modstrings works perfectly. But for those who have zero knowledge on android rooting  or rooting with Modstrings become misleading when rooting their phones. It is because, different brand phones like Samsung Galaxy and LG, Nexus need different Modstrings input for rooting. Although it is a perfect way to root your device it still has that hole of not being perfect.

The latest Towelroot V4 at time of writing this post  [January 2017] is the advanced version of the V3. This version does not support all the android devices. New version is lite and support large number  of android devices out in the market. It support all android devices that support android KitKat, Android Lollipop, Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat.