Call Blocker Android

In a world where unwanted calls have become a headache, Call Blocker emerges as a powerful Android app designed to give you full control over your incoming calls. With its diverse range of features, including blacklist and whitelist management, call logging, and flexible blocking modes, Call Blocker helps you to filter and manage your calls with ease and efficiency.

Features of Call Blocker Apk

Blacklisting Callers

Say goodbye to annoying telemarketers, spammers, and unknown callers. With Call Blocker, you can build a personalized blacklist by adding specific numbers you wish to block. Simply add the numbers to the blacklist, and Call Blocker will automatically prevent those calls from reaching your device.

Whitelisting Callers

Not all calls are unwelcome. Whitelist feature allows you to create a safe zone for important contacts. By adding trusted numbers to the whitelist, you ensure that calls from those contacts are never blocked. This feature guarantees that your friends, family, and essential business contacts can always reach you, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted communication.

Call Logging

Curious about who’s been trying to reach you? Call Blocker keeps a detailed log of all rejected numbers. With this feature, you can review the records at any time, gaining valuable insights into the calls blocked. Stay informed and in control as you monitor the blocked calls and maintain a clear overview of the app’s effectiveness in blocking unwanted communication.

Block Blacklist

Activate this mode to exclusively block calls from numbers listed in your blacklist. Unwanted calls from blacklisted numbers will be automatically rejected.

Allow Whitelist only

With this mode, you allow calls only from numbers listed in your whitelist, ensuring that any call not included in the whitelist will be blocked.

Block Unknown

Worried about unidentified callers? Activate this mode to block calls from numbers not saved in your contacts. This way, only trusted contacts will be able to reach you.

Block All Calls

If you’re looking for complete privacy or temporarily want to avoid all calls, this mode allows you to block all incoming calls, providing a peaceful environment free from interruptions.

Install Call blocker Apk

Call Blocker is a must-have Android app for anyone seeking to take control incoming calls. With features like blacklist and whitelist management, call logging, and flexible block modes. You can use default app store to install this app.

Open Google play store application and go to search. Then type “call blocker”. You will see this app appear on search results while typing. Select and install. For devices without play store can use AC Market app store or Happymod App store. Install AC Market apk and use its search feature to find this app. Use Android cleaners like clean master to get free storage space if your struggle with phone storage for new apps. Click here to download Clean master.