Zap Surveys APK

Zap Surveys APK
Name:Zap Surveys
Size:18 MB
Last Updated:September 08, 2019
Requiements:Android 4.0.3 and up
Category:Free Money

Zap Survey is an application for Android and iOS. It belongs to the company “Apps that pay“, which also has other apps and poll sites. Zap Surveys apk works in partnership with brand research companies that need consumer insights to shape their products and personalize their ads.

Your time is not free, so Zap rewards you in various ways.

Rewards offered in Zap Surveys:

  1. Payments PayPal
  2. Amazon eGift Cards
  3. Visa eGift card

The withdrawal usually takes a few days and the minimum withdrawal is 25.00 USD (USD). You can earn money by answering paid surveys, registering up to $ 0.03 / day every day, or by sponsoring money for your friends!

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How to earn free money using Zap Surveys APK

You can mainly win by conducting surveys, but there are also some other ways to earn a little more. The opportunities in the application are:

Paid Surveys:

The Zap Surveys apk focuses on paid surveys and allows you to make the most money possible. Polls are offered via two different third-party portals – Peanut Labs and SaySo For Good. If you’re already using survey sites, you’ve probably seen these names already, because many other survey sites use these portals, such as PrizeRebel and ClixSense. However, these sites also offer a number of other revenue methods, and not having more opportunities is in my opinion the biggest weakness of Zap Surveys. .

These two portals are the only way to conduct surveys through Zap Surveys apk, which may offer very limited options in some countries. Please note that the first time you want to respond to a survey through one of these portals, you will be asked to re-enter your basic demographic information (age, place of residence, gender, income, etc.) and have to do it for yourself. the two portals. It’s annoying, but at least it’s only the first time you use them, you have to fill it. After that, the application will remember it.

Zap Surveys Enable to location for more money

Survey of membership bonuses:

When you sign up for Zap Surveys apk for the first time, you receive a startup survey. It’s a very short and easy survey. It’s 8 easy questions, and it only takes a few minutes to go. To do this preliminary inquiry, you get $ 6.25. This is a very good start.

But be aware that it will NOT be so easy to win with polls that you will have access to later. This is just a membership survey with a great reward and very quick and easy questions to get started. So do not expect to be able to continue making money as quickly and easily through the app.

Share on social networks:

You can earn a small bonus by sharing information on Zap Surveys on Facebook or Twitter. In the app, you choose “More” in the menu line, then you can select “Share”.

By clicking on Facebook or Twitter, you will be directed to the platform, where you will share a link to Zap Surveys to promote them. This will give you $ 0.50 for each platform you share. But that you will only get this bonus once. As a result, you will not earn more, for example, you share more than once on Facebook.

When you choose the sharing option, this can be a little confusing, because you can also see the option to like Zap Surveys on Facebook and rate the application. You will only be paid if you share a link to Zap Surveys on your personal profile.

In addition, if you try to like Zap Surveys on Facebook, you will be redirected to the “Paid Apps” page. It’s the company behind Zap Surveys, so you’re in the right place, even if it’s a bit confusing to find yourself on a page with a different name than you’d expect.

Refer people:

You can earn a very small bonus by recommending the Zap Surveys app. When you are signed in, you can find a referral code in your profile. If you send this code to someone and they write it when they join the group, you will get $ 0.15. A very small bonus, and hardly worth it in my opinion. As you can see, there are many ways to win on Zap Surveys, but the only way to win in the long run is through paid surveys. Zap Surveys is free to download and use.

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