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DroidAdmin is the best bulk downloading app for Android. You can use free DroidAdmin codes to access free App Stores and find awesome Android apps and games for free. Check end of this page for DroidAdmin Codes.

DroidAdmin has been redesigned and renamed as FileLinked.

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Name: DroidAdmin
Version: v51
Size: 37.5 MB
Platform: Android
Last upadted: April 18, 2018
Info: #1 - bulk downloader


DroidAdmin can be used to program your Nvidia Shield TV or Amazon Fire Stick or any device easily. Because this app allow us to download many files without using URLs. So no need to enter many URLs to get many files. So you can easily and quickly do your job.

You can create your own App Store with favorite apps or wallpaper collection, songs collection or any collection you love for free. I will describe basic steps used to create your own App Store with DroidAdmin app. This is how it is done.

First create DropBox account. Next download all the apps you want with their logos. Next upload them to DropBox. Once you finish uploading create shared links on all apps and their logos. Then you have to create account on DroidAdmin. For that go to DroidAdmin.com. In the DroidAdmin dashboard you can see create configuration button. What is a configuration. It is like a folder with a unique code. You can add files to configuration. Configuration will act like the folder that holds all your files. You can create any number of configurations you like.

Lets create our App Store. Give a name to configuration like "My App Store". You can fill out optional fields like description, messages and etc. Those things will be shown when you enter configuration code on DroidAdmin app. Next add files to configuration. In the file adding form you can see name field. Give you app name there. Next add created shared link to file path. Remember to replace final digit (Zero) to one (1) in the created shared link using DropBox. Next add logo url and replace it's final zero with one. Like that add your favorite apps to DroidAdmin.

Next download DroidAdmin app from above link and enter droidAdmin code. after that you may can access all your apps just using that code. No need of a website or no need to remember long embarrassing URLs. You can get this app from official droidAdmin download website.


DroidAdmin Codes

  • Doug's Droidadmin Store - 16553983
  • Newtech Amazon store - 22222222
  • Joe's App Store - 38069272
  • Awesome PVR apps - 87868941
  • Many great apps for streaming movies, TV shows, & more (like Terrarium TV & FreeFlix HQ) - 76115743
  • BMC 2018 for Firestick 21673858 – Top 10 APKs for Firestick (“Firestick Center version 1.0”) - 40101026
  • 5 Best APKs for Firestick (Misfit Mods Kodi fork + more APKs) - 91298970
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    • 80409018 (Kodi 18 APK)
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