JellyNauts Mod

JellyNauts is a game developed by Yodo 1 Games for Android and IOS. This game offers in-app purchases and contains ads. JellyNauts mod which is more reliable and free. But JellyNauts mod is only available for Android.

JellyNauts Mod

Crush your foes with a diverse weapon set of axes, swords, paint rollers, and frying pans. Unlock accessories to customize your Jellynaut to become the fiercest or funniest looking blob of the battle arena. Team up with your friends to beat players from around the world using strategy and skill in the 5v5 battle mode, or fight to be the best in an anything goes free for all. Battle as an Grandpa Jellynaut armed with a frying pan, a wizard Jellynaut who mistook his meat skewer for his wand, or a dreamy knight in shining armor, the possibilities are countless (really we tried and lost count)

The game of fruits is interesting Android game that you can have lots of fun with friends. In the 5v5 battle mod you can call friends to help in the fierce. Just like other online multiplayer game you will be able to show your gaming skills to your friends and other online players around the world. You will be able to win prizes like new costumes, jewelry and etc. You can choose your main character as your. Do you know there are about hundreds of new different styles to choose.

Video graphic are very good and attractive. Background music and game sounds are carefully selected to match the game play. Game was developed in 2D graphics and each and every picture used here is sharp and clear in quality.

Features of JellyNauts

  1. Hundreds of Jellynaut customizations to choose from, define your own style
  2. Runes to upgrade your Jellynaut to overpower your enemies in the heat of battle
  3. In game boosts and power-ups to keep the gameplay dynamic
  4. Real Time action to keep you on your toes
  5. Multiple Game Modes and objectives


1.1.0 Update Notice
* Brand New Jelly Royal Mode! Be The Last Survivor!
* Removed Traits
* Added Block, But Be Careful Of Overuse, You Could Stun Yourself!
* Removed Heal, Shield, and Counter Abilities

Download JellyNauts Mod

JellyNauts mod

Still JellyNauts mod is in development phase. Still you can download JellyNauts Apk latest version.