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Neverthink is a perfect app to watch interesting videos all over the internet.  You just want to watch something while doing other stuff like cooking, exercising, doing your nails or just chilling out at the end of the day. Neverthink app is for you. You can download Neverthink APK is for free. Watch videos using your Android device for free.

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Name: Nevethink
Version: v2.3
Size: 14.2 MB
Requirements: Android 4.4 and up
Ratings: 3+
Last Updated: May 31, 2018

Neverthink is your remote for the internet and works just like TV. All you have to do is choose a channel, lean back and enjoy all the best videos the internet has to offer, handpicked by our team who watches thousands of videos every day so you don’t have to.


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Every day our team watches thousands of videos on the internet and selects the best ones into the channels you see. Their full time job is to watch online videos all day, every day. All videos find are embedded from YouTube. Neverthink have an extremely diverse team and each channel is curated by a person who is truly excited and passionate about the subject of their channel.

You may think that embedding videos of others may create copyright problems. Don't worry videos are embedded according to YouTube's terms which means that creators really benefit from being featured on the app.

You can watch Neverthink on our iOS and Android apps, on Apple TV, and on desktop at In addition, you can stream Neverthink to your TV using Chromecast. If you have new videos or you are video creator you can contact Nevethink team and submit your videos too.

Some common questions about Neverthink.

How do I watch my favorites videos on other devices?

Your favourite videos are saved on your device. If you want to watch them on some other device just go to the settings menu and choose “Back up my favourites” to sign up so that the videos will be attached to an account. This way, next time you login on any device, you will have your saved favourites to watch.

What happens when I share a video to someone who does not have Neverthink?

Neverthink works on web for all devices so the person you share to will tap the link and be able to watch the shared video in a web version of Neverthink.