OgInstagram (OG Instagram, OG insta) in is modded Instagram with more features. It is known as OGinsta+, OgInstagram Plus. With plus and without plus are same apps. Only difference is name. All called to OgInstagram. This app comes with many features that you want with Instagram. Most important thing is you don't need to uninstall Instagram as Instagram. With OgInstagram you can have two Instagram accounts.


Download OGInstagram

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Download OGinstagram plus

Name: OGinstagram (OGInstagram plus)
version: v10.14.0
size: 25.3 MB
Last Updated: 12 December, 2017
Ratings: 5+



OgInstagram is not a different app. It is same as Instagram. Same interface with all features of Instagram. What is different is that this app can do more things than Instagram. At the end of this page you can find out all cool features of OgInstagram. OgInstagram is an unofficial Instagram client.

Features of OgInstagram

#1 - Download anyone's images

You can download images you see on Instagram. Instead of sharing you can download them directly to your phone.

Oginsta download image oginsta downloading image

#2 - Download anyone's video.

If see nice or attractive video and you want to keep it you can download that video to you phone. So that you can view that video any time offline. I mean without internet too.

#3 - Zooming images.

As you know you can't zoom images on Instagram. There are lots of attractive images that you like to have a better look. Problem is you can't zoom and see it. With OGInstagram you can easily zoom any image including profile pictures.

oginsta zoom images

There are lots of features like story downloading. You can download anyone's story. Download this cool app and experience new features before everyone else.

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