Sync-Droid – Android Backup Software

Completely free backup software for your Android phone. Best known Android backup software that is completely free. One click backup all your android phone or Tablet. Backup your Music, videos, Photos, Call History, ebooks, Contracts, All Messages and all other data.

Free backup Android Phone and Tablet

Download and install Sync-droid on your PC and follow this tutorial to backup your android phone or tablet to PC. Click here to access free tutorial. Backup Android to PC

Download Sync-Droid PC software (exe version)

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Download Sync-Droid PC version


Download Sync-Droid Android software (APK version)

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Download Sync-Droid Android APK

Backup all your phone data to PC, cloud storage like Dropbox or to phone memory. You can schedule your backups very easily with Sync-Droid. Super easy to interface and completely free.

Backup phone to PC

You can connect your phone to PC via USB or WiFi and then store your backup on your PC. SyncDroid support all most all android phone and tablets.

How to backup Android to PC - Sync-Droid