Instagram Plus

Instagram plus is the modded version of the Instagram. So before you install this make sure to uninstall Official Instagram app. You can keep only one. If you want to keep official Instagram click here.

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Name: Instagram plus (Insta+)
size: 16.6 MB
version: v8.2.0
Last Updated: 12 December, 2017
Ratings: 5+

Instagram plus

Instagram plus is a modded version of official Instagram. That means it has all the features and security of official Instagram. This app has more features than official app. You may find that most wanted features that you have waited long has been come with Instagram Plus. There are some synonyms used to call Instagram plus. They are Insta+, insta++, insta+++, instagram plus, instagram plus plus. All those named refer to one app.

Features of Instagram plus

#1 - You can zoom pictures

With default app you can't zoom pictures. With this app you zoom pictures or images to have clear look at them

oginsta zoom images

#2 - You can zoom profile picture

You can zoom profile pictures too.

#3 - You can download anyone's story

oginsta download story

#4 - You can download any image

If you want to keep images of anyone instead of sharing. You can download them to your phone and copy them to PC or anywhere.

Oginsta download image oginsta downloading image

#5 - You can download any video

If saw nice video or a video that you like to keep. You can easily download that video directly to you phone with this app. No need to use any third party apps or special techniques to get that video.

#6 - You can know who is following you.

You can find the people who are following you.

oginsta who follows you

#7 - You can auto start videos with sound.

If you like to auto play video when you scroll down with sound. You can do that with Instagram plus.

#8 - Support many languages than Instagram app.

By default Instagram support only few languages. Instagram support more languages that Instagram like Arab.