Nox APP Player Download | Best free android emulator for windows and Mac

Nox app player is an emulator that can operate an android app on a computer operating system. This software is one of the best emulators among the competing emulators, and Nox Digital Entertainment Company Ltd developed it. Those who like to play android games on the computer can use this software. You can use this software on Mac and Windows computers.

NOX Player

Features of the Nox app player

  • The Nox player allows you to download any app that is available on the app store. Even if you can install and use apps that are not in the Google play store, be careful about security.
  • You can use the keyboard mapping tool to customize the keyboard to make it easier to play games.
  • This software can run games or several other applications at once.
  • Easy to handle by anyone due to its friendly interface.
  • The best benefit of this is can use all of these things for free.

System Requirements for Nox Player

  • Windows / Mac OS: From Windows XP up to Windows 10 / Sierra 10. 11 & 10. 12.
  • RAM: 2GB is enough. 4GB recommended.
  • VGA: Your PCMust have at least Open GL 2.0.
  • Storage:  2GB of free space is needed. 

How to install the Nox player on Windows PC?

  • Open your internet browser and explore the Nox app player. Download the newest translation of the Nox player from the Bignox website on the search engine results page.
  • After downloading the file, activate the installer. Give the permissions to all the legal permissions.
  • All you have to do now is wait for the installation process to finish.

How to install the Nox app player on Mac?

  • Open your internet browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or whatever you want. Search for the Nox app player. Download the newest version of the Nox app player from the Bignox website on the search engine results page. 
  • Go to the file location and start the installation. Follow the instructions given.

How to use the Nox app player?

  • Nox appsplayer is an easy-to-use software, and as soon as you open it, go to the Play Store and make sure to log in. Logging in is an essential step.
  • On the right side, you can see several different types of tools from top to bottom. It has a screen recorder tool, screen controls, volume controls, and more options.
  • Another essential tool on that list is the key set. It maps your keys. The F11 button on your keyboard allows you to view the usage of these keys. Also, press the “+” button to add your own keymap.
  • To install an apk file, first, download the apk file from a browser in the Nox apps player or a browser on your computer. You can do this easily if you use the browser on the Nox player. Locate the downloaded file and install the downloaded file in the same way as installing an APK on your Android phone.


How to set own key-mapping on the Nox player?

  • First, press F 11 to open key mapping. Now, click on the “+” sign and customize the keys as you wish. Don’t forget to save at the end.

Can I run the Nox apps player on a PC with 2GB RAM?

  • Of course, you can. But if you want to use the Nox apps player smoothly, your PC RAM should be at least 4GB.

Is the Nox app player better than Bluestacks?

  • Well, these are two unique software running on Windows OS and Mac OS with similar features. But you can run the Nox app player even on a PC with 2GB of RAM.