Top 5 Google Play Store Alternatives – Android Only

Many Android used to rely on third party app store. Why ?. Because many awesome Android apps that offers free services and more are banned from Google Play Store due Policy Violations or copyright issues and more. Using third party apps you may literally find any Android  app or game that you are interested. Contain paid apps and games for free. That’s why popularity of third party Android Apps Stores increase. Below mention major and mostly used Android appstores. Mobile9 and 9apps are not mentioned here since the popularity of those app stores are decreasing due to issues. So below mention app stores show increase in popularity and they provide more apps and games for free.

#1 – Aptoide

Aptoide Logo

World most popular Android App Store. This app Store is so huge and it is the most popular and must have Android app store. Because this app store contain many free apps and games. They also have Aptoide lite for low power Android devices. No registration or sign up required. Just install this app store and start using free Android apps and games. Unlike the default Google Play Store, there is not a unique and centralized store; instead, each user manages their own store.

It was started in year 2009 and started to became more popular after 2012. Has monthly searches around 16,600, 000 per month.


#2 – Apkpure

apkpure appstore

Apk is not as old as Aptoide but offer large number of Apps and Games. Their website too has major impact on the popularity of Apkpure App store. It was start around year 2015 and show major improvement since then. Unlike Aptoide Apkpure maintain all their apps and games. So you can confidently download and install apps and games. This app has monthly searches around 2,740,000.

#3 – BlackMart Alpha

Blackmart alpha apk

Blackmart is free android application to download paid apps for free. Blackmart App is also known as Blackmart alpha. Initial origin of this app trace us back to year 2011. Since then this app gain lots of popularity among Android users because it offers many paid Android apps and games for free and all are working. So many start to use this app store to download those apps. Once known as best Android market place to download paid apps for free. Average monthly downloads are around 673,000.

#4 – APPVN


AppVn is also a major Android app store started became more popular around year 2014 and reach the peak in year 2016. After 2016 it has some slow down in installs. Yet this Android app store used by Android users due many reasons. AppVn offers many paid apps for free and it has good built it search which is much more easier than other app stores in finding apps and games.


#5 – AC Market

AC Market

AC Market keep updating their app store to provide reliable service to their customers. Many like to use this app store since this app store look like play store. So after installing third party app store you wan’t need to learn about the app. Because it looks and work like play store. So app store has huge popularity among many Android users around the world. AC market shows increase of its popularity in year 2016. Since then AC market has able to hold that popularity among Android users.