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Underground Amazon. Shop millions of products, music, books, movies and TV shows on your Android phone and now apps, games and even in-app items that are actuallyfree–exclusively from Amazon.


Actually paid Android apps are distributed by Amazon free of charge via the company’s underground store. This must be transferred manually to your Android smartphone or tablet in the form of an APK installation file. We offer the appropriate file for download.

Because Amazon does not provide information about the impact of the update, we can not provide any information about this.

Amazon Underground is an app-shop, through which regularly paid Android apps are distributed free of charge. The application must be installed as an APK file on your smartphone and tablet – you can download the corresponding installation file at this point.

Underground Amazon

Amazon’s Underground app provides access to the full product catalog of the retailer. In addition to the functions of the well-known Amazon app, the company also integrates an app shop in Underground, where a large number of actually paid Android apps are available for free download.

Underground users, Amazon guarantees that all offered applications are 100% free – meaning you do not expect to pay InApp purchases. Apps are not downloaded from Google’s Pay Store, but distributed by Amazon in the APK format.

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Beyond the free offer, Amazon also integrates the company’s traditional app store, as well as the full product catalog of shipping items into the underground application, making it a universal Amazon app.

Installation and configuration notes

Both the installation of the underground apps as well as for subsequent app downloads from the underground app is necessary to activate the “installation from unknown sources” in the Android settings. Then Follow below Link to download Official Amazon Underground apk form authorized amazon website.

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