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Rooting is now become a fashion among Android users. Because it is super easy and make life much more easier with rooted Android device than a ordinary Android phone. Because many of the cool features and functions are blocked by default Android OS. Once you release and experience new features and apps available after rooting Android you will probably never use Android without rooting.

King root is also known as one click Android rooting tool. Why one click?. One click mean all you have to do is to press a button to get rooted device. No more steps to follow. Earlier days rooting requires expert knowledge, computer and USB cable to connect your Android phone or tablet to Computer or PC. Today anyone can root their phone. You can root your phone by yourself and no need of help from others. Low risky with kingoroot.

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Rooting Android

First you have to download kingoroot apk to your Android device and install it. Installation is somewhat differ than installing a ordinary app from Google Play Store. Once you complete kingo root apk installation open it. It has blue color logo. On the first page you can see “One Click Root” button. All you have to do is to press it. It will take some time to complete. Don’t worry. Be patient. Finally you will have a rooted android phone.

Before Root Android

Rooting Android involves some sort of risk. It may depend on the

  1. phone model
  2. tools you are using to get root access
  3. Android version
  4. Person rooting it.

So it is always safe to keep your data like images, videos, contacts and e-books in a secure place. In case of failure to error, there is a chance of loosing data on phone. So please take a complete backup of your phone or tablet to PC or to cloud. If anything goes wrong you can recover your phone and use it as before.

Make sure to charge your phone at least 50%. Because rooting process will take some time. If battery dies in the middle of rooting, there is a chance of bricking your device. You may also need a good internet connection. Because in order to root Android kingo root may require some additional files from their servers. I’ll explain why?.

Rooting differ from phone model to model, Android version to version, and kernel version to version. So keeping all the files required for all Android devices around the world is not practical. Because storing all files in  a single app make it impossible to download. That’s why kingo root requires good internet connection. Once you complete kingo root installation, app will send your phone model, Android OS version and other required information to kingo root servers to find best rooting technique to your device.


Advantages of rooting

#1 – Boost Phone speed

#2 – Remove annoying ads for free

#3 – Increase battery life

#4 – Remove System apps

#5 – Get latest Android OS before Everyone else


Disadvantages of Rooting

Actually there are no much disadvantages. There is something that you must care. Rooting will void your phone or tablet warranty.