Kingroot apk – One Click Android Root Tool

You may know that rooting now easy as installing a app. No need of a computer or expert knowledge. Now you can root Android by yourself without others assistance. Thanks to Kingroot now rooting is simple as one click. Once you install Kingroot app on your android you can see “Try Root”¬†button. Once you click that button all the hard procedures are automated. All you have to do is waiting. It may take some time including reboots on some devices. Finally you will receive root success message.

Download Kingroot APK

KingRoot Apk


Why Kingroot

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. IOS comes after the Android. Because Android is more flexible than IOS. By default Android comes with limited features blocking hardware level or root level features. It is done in order to prevent accident crashing. With root access you can delete system files that may lead to system crash or required fresh installation of Android OS. That’s why every Android phone enforce those limitations. But the joy reside on that side. We have to break those limitations to gain what we want.

There are lots of tools that can have root access. Some say they are the best. But you may have confused with those miserable tools out there. I have tried many of those major tools out there. Kingroot is the only reliable rooting tool that I can find. Because it is too stable and easy to root. Safe and more powerful than other rooting tools.

Even though rooting is not supported you can give a try with this app. There is a more chance of getting root access with this app. Recommended by XDA too. Most unique feature of this app is you can analyse your android phone or tablet before root. With that you can see success rate of rooting and whether rooting is available or not.